"At M.C. Squares, we set out on a mission to bring the creativity and collaboration of whiteboards to passion projects everywhere, reimagining the way ideas come to life with the perfect mix of organization and that creative spark - whether it’s a masterpiece or a work in progress, our mission is to give creativity a boost, bringing ideas of every kind to life."

As the lead creative in a startup environment, my role is constantly evolving!


On any given day, you'll find me working on:

  • content creation for social media

  • styling, editing, and creative direction for product photography

  • email marketing and design

  • maintenance of our e-Commerce site at mcsquares.com

  • illustration and hand lettering

  • packaging design


A few of my favorite visual representations of the M.C. Squares brand (hand-lettered, styled, edited, and creative direction by me):