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Over three years of
in-house art direction and design for M.C. Squares, a consumer goods brand.

At M.C. Squares, we make reusable tools for your life. With M.C. Squares at hand, today is the day you get organized, clear the clutter in your mind and on your desk, and manage your schedule with reusable products that simplify your day-to-day and help you become your best self.


Since joining the M.C. Squares' team, I have played an integral role in developing our brand look, feel, and positioning across all of our digital and print presences. I have consistently crafted and applied emotive and authentic narratives across all marketing touch points and directed several creative initiatives simultaneously. 

Being a team member of a startup means being flexible and learning by doing in a constantly evolving environment. I have become a liaison between in-house creatives, contractors, and agency partners by establishing workflows, developing best practices, and providing direction, feedback, training, and analytic reports to all groups.

Amazon storefront,
Shopify maintenance, and email marketing.

In July 2022, I was tasked with redesigning our entire Amazon storefront, where 80% of our sales are driven. Spanning just under three months, this project entailed redeveloping our navigational structure, wire framing and building an entirely new layout, rewriting all copy, and updating all product listings with refreshed creative. The video below is our new home page.


Throughout the duration of my career at M.C. Squares, I have maintained our Shopify storefront, which has included regularly updating content, managing our product catalog, copywriting for product launches, and managing promotions. I also assisted in redesigning our site in both August 2021 and September 2022.


In the past year, I have established a promotional calendar, written copy, designed, and scheduled our entire library of flows and campaigns. We currently have over 65,000 subscribers. Between September 2021 and September 2022, I partnered with Sticky Digital Co. to drive $350,000 in email and SMS sales from scratch. Together, we built and modified flows, developed A/B tests, and coordinated deadlines between our teams. I now solely manage our entire email marketing program.


Visual direction, content creation, and photoshoot coordination.

Our brand underwent an intense retooling in January 2021: instead of marketing ourselves as whiteboards and office products, we've made the switch to creating and showcasing our bright, colorful, and reusable tools for the office, home, and everywhere in between.


Since then, I have directed the realization of our brand’s direction by creating shot lists, coordinating and styling photoshoots with a third-party studio, selecting and purchasing content, editing in post, and managing the distribution of our assets. I also create most of our graphics for ads and social content, as well as the lettering on our products.

Instagram Mockup 4.jpg

Promotional and education B2B sales collateral.

We've recently begun hashing out our promotional and educational sales channels, and I have provided design support to our in-house sales representatives on an as-needed basis. Collateral I've written and designed includes catalogs, one-pagers, brochures, sales decks, landing pages, white papers, and lead magnets for our in-house sales representatives.

US Letter Magazine and Covers Mockups copy.jpg
Flyer Mockup.jpg

Product design for
e-commerce and retail.

In January 2022, we began diversifying our product offerings to include bundles intended for retail, and are headed for Target, Hallmark, Walmart, Sam's Club, Meijer, BJ's, and more. I personally designed fifteen new bundles, and each is intended to help customers become more productive, express their creativity, and get organized in a specific way. The Cleaning Bundle became our best-seller almost immediately and has remained so since it's launch.


Some of these products have received praise on Buzzfeed, Good Morning America, Apartment Therapy, and more. In July 2022, we were selected as one of the brands showcased in Ellen DeGeneres's Fall BE KIND. Subscription Box. 20,000 units of the bundle I designed - valued at over a million dollars' worth at cost - were distributed to her subscribers in the fall.

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